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The College Hour is doing something different. We are not going to put HBCU's by states, region or in alphabetical order. We are hoping that you stretch your minds and look at a lot these institutions because they all have a lot to offer in different areas. Choosing an institution because you live in that state or is close to home is not for growth and spreading your people base (network). When you go to a state school, the majority of these people come from the that state or even from your same school district. When you leave the state or region you are in different pool of people and learn different things and meet people from different parts of the country and even different parts of the world. Public versus a Private Institution is another consideration. Public or State Schools (financed by the state) are much cheaper than Private Schools. Even the out of state tuition at Public Schools are cheaper than most Private Schools. Private schools have their benefits too. These institutions have a very close connection to their students. These institution have a strong alumni base. They have close ties to other universities for graduate and professional schools once your student graduates from one of these institutions. These institutions also have close ties to corporations and foundations for employment and for raising capital for their endowment and working capital. Private institutions also have different pool of people than state schools. They each have their advantages. No matter what you decide, we are telling you, go to college.

But, if you decide to go to college, go to a HBCU!!!!!


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Florida A&M University

Thomas Van Renssaler Gibbs a Duval County educator was elected to the Florida State Senate in 1884. Representative Gibbs made great use of his elected tenure as a state senator and in 1884 he place the house bill 133 for passage, which established a two Normal Schools, a white one in Gainesville and the black Normal School in Jacksonville. The state decided to move the colored school to Tallahassee, Florida.

In October 3, 1887, the State Normal College for Colored Students open for classes with 15 students and two Instructors. Thomas DeSaille became the first president and Thomas Van Renssaler Gibbs became the second Instructor. In 1891, the school received $7500 from the Second Merrill Act for Agricultural and Mechanical Arts education. In 1891, the school relocated from Copeland Street to its present day location and became Florida's first Black College Land Grant Institution and changed it name to the Sate Normal and Industrial College for Colored Students. The second President Nathan B. Young, lead the college into a four institution, giving bachelors degrees in Science, Education, Home Economics, Agriculture, and Mechanical Arts. Mr. Young served from 1901-1923. In 1905, the control was transferred from the Board of education to the Board of Control. This transfer now made the institution a a higher place of learning. In 1909, the school changed its name again to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negroes (FAMC). In 1910 a fire destroyed the main building Duvall Hall which housed the schools main resources, classes and documents. This did not deterred the school to give it first bachelors degrees. Andrew Carnegie awarded to the school in 1910 $10,000 dollars to build a new library. In 1935, FAMC was the first HBCU to be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). By 1944, FAMC had 44 buildings, accumulated 396 acres, and had 812 students and 122 staff members. In 1953, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College became Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). In this new classification by the state and SACS. The school reorganized to exceed the expectations of the state and accrediting organizations. From 1953 to 1968 the university created and produced the school of Pharmacy, Nursing, The School of Law, and Graduate studies. FAMU has some of the best programs in the country. Their education status has never been question. This University has an outstanding reputation for it curriculum. This is an outstanding University. This is a must see University from any where in the world or US.


Academia:                                                                                                                Athletics
College of Agriculture and Food Sciences                                               Men Sports                     Women Sports
College of Science and Technology                                                          Basketball                        Basketball
College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities                                      Baseball                           Softball
College of Education                                                                               Cross Country                 Cross Country
College of Engineering (FAMU-FSU)                                                      Tennis                             Tennis
College of Law                                                                                        Track and Field              Track and Field
School of Allied Health Sciences                                                              Swimming and Diving     Swimming and Diving
School of Architecture                                                                             Football                          Volleyball
School of Business and Industry                                                               Golf                                Bowling
School of the Environment
School of Graduate Studies and Research
School of Journalism and Graphic Communication
School of Nursing

Florida A&M University Home Page Link Below:
FAMU Home Page

1700 Lee Hall Dr.
304 Foote-Hilyer
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

1700 Lee Hall Drive
Foote-Hilyer Administration Center G9
Tallahassee, FL 32307
(850) 599-3505.


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