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The College Hour is doing something different. We are not going to put HBCU's by states, region or in alphabetical order. We are hoping that you stretch your minds and look at a lot these institutions because they all have a lot to offer in different areas. Choosing an institution because you live in that state or is close to home is not for growth and spreading your people base (network). When you go to a state school, the majority of these people come from the that state or even from your same school district. When you leave the state or region you are in different pool of people and learn different things and meet people from different parts of the country and even different parts of the world. Public versus a Private Institution is another consideration. Public or State Schools (financed by the state) are much cheaper than Private Schools. Even the out of state tuition at Public Schools are cheaper than most Private Schools. Private schools have their benefits too. These institutions have a very close connection to their students. These institution have a strong alumni base. They have close ties to other universities for graduate and professional schools once your student graduates from one of these institutions. These institutions also have close ties to corporations and foundations for employment and for raising capital for their endowment and working capital. Private institutions also have different pool of people than state schools. They each have their advantages. No matter what you decide, we are telling you, go to college.

But, if you decide to go to college, go to a HBCU!!!!!


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Handing Moss Aligning the Campus Drive          Coleman Library on Tougaloo's College Campus

Beautiful Campus with Rolling Hills           


Historic Woodworth Chapel on Tougaloo's College Campus

Tougaloo College

In 1869, American Missionary Association of New York bought 500 acres to establish a school for freemen in the state of Mississippi after the civil war. The AMA bought the five hundred acres from John Boddie, the John Boddie Plantation. In 1871, the Mississippi State Senate granted a charter under the name of Tougaloo University. The university had a Normal Department for the training of teachers. The state of Mississippi was providing Tougaloo University financial support until 1892. In 1897, Tougaloo University started awarding college credits and the first Bachelor Degree was awarded in 1901 to Traverse S, Crawford. In 1916, the school changed its name to Tougaloo College. In 1954, the school changed its name again to Tougaloo Southern Christian College because of a merger with the Southern Christian Institute. In 1962, the Board of Trustees agreed to change the name back to Tougaloo College. Tougaloo College students were instrumental in the Civil Rights movement in the 1950's and 1960's and has maintain a strong reputation for civic engagement and social justice. Tougaloo College is a private institution, co-educational and a 4 year institution. This university has strong ties to Brown University, Boston College, Tufts Medical and Dental School, New York University and other International Programs. This institution will place your young person in the right place, at the right time on the right path to success. With a wonderful family atmosphere and a beautiful college campus to go with its historical and modern buildings, the students has the right setting for growth and leadership. The College benefits from great leadership by its first female president and a dedicated Board of Trustees. This is a must see college.

Academia                                                                                                                                       Athletics
The Division of Education                                                                                            Men's Sports                   Women's Sports
The Division of Humanities                                                                                          Basketball                       Basketball
The Division of Natural Science                                                                                    Cross Country                 Cross Country
The Division of Social Science                                                                                       Tennis                             Tennis
The Division of Continuing Education                                                                          Baseball                           Volleyball

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Tougaloo College
500 West County Line Road
Tougaloo, MS 39174

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