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The College Hour is doing something different. We are not going to put HBCU's by states, region or in alphabetical order. We are hoping that you stretch your minds and look at a lot these institutions because they all have a lot to offer in different areas. Choosing an institution because you live in that state or is close to home is not for growth and spreading your people base (network). When you go to a state school, the majority of these people come from the that state or even from your same school district. When you leave the state or region you are in different pool of people and learn different things and meet people from different parts of the country and even different parts of the world. Public versus a Private Institution is another consideration. Public or State Schools (financed by the state) are much cheaper than Private Schools. Even the out of state tuition at Public Schools are cheaper than most Private Schools. Private schools have their benefits too. These institutions have a very close connection to their students. These institution have a strong alumni base. They have close ties to other universities for graduate and professional schools once your student graduates from one of these institutions. These institutions also have close ties to corporations and foundations for employment and for raising capital for their endowment and working capital. Private institutions also have different pool of people than state schools. They each have their advantages.

No matter what you decide, we are telling you, go to college. But, if you decide to go to college, go to a HBCU!!!!!


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Shaw University

Shaw University was founded December 1,1865. Making it the oldest HBCU in the south. The first class was taught by Dr. Henry Morton Tupper a minister that held theological class at the old Guion Hotel which is today the North Carolina State Museum. Dr. Henry Martin Tupper is the Founder and the 1st President of Shaw University. Once he started his Theological classes he recognized that more classes were needed. Dr. Tupper used his 500 savings that he saved from the US Army and bought a lot at Blount and Cabarras and built a two structure for his church and classes for the Raleigh Institute. March 1, 1866 Raleight Institute held first classes for afro-american women. This is the first instituton in the south that taught women at the college level. In 1870, the General Barringer Estates was bought and this is the present site of Shaw University. In 1872 the first structure was completed and was named Shaw Hall after Mr. Elijah Shaw, the largest contributor to help build Shaw Hall. Then the institution changed its name to Shaw Collegiate Institute. In 1873 the womens dorm Estey Hall was completed and named after Jacob Estey who contribute generously to the institution. In 1875, The institution name was change again after it filed for it's charter and to be Incorporated in the state of North Carolina as Shaw University. From this point Shaw Uiversity was the intellectual place in the south for African Americans. Shaw University from 1888 to 1918 had a 4 year curriculum Medical School and a Pharmacy school within the Medical School. Shaw University also had a Law School from 1888 to 1914 until it had to close it doors. Shaw University at one time was the only African American University to have a Law, Medical and Pharmacy schools from South of Washinton, D.C. to Texas for African Americans. Shaw University still strives today as a producer of leaders for the future by keeping their Motto close to their heart, "Strides for Excellence, Only the Best".

Today, Shaw University has 11 Undergraduate Departments.                                                           Athletics
The Department of Humanities                                                                Shaw University is apart of the NAIA, Division II. It has sports in:
The Department of Mass Communication                                                            Men's Sports                    Women's Sports
The Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics                                            Baseball                                 Softball
The Department of Religion and Philosophy                                                            Basketball                             Basketball
The Department of Social Sciences                                                                       Cross Country                       Cross Country
The Department of Visual and Performing Arts                                                  Track and Field                     Track and Field
The Department of Allied Health Professions                                                             Tennis                                     Tennis
The Department of Business and Public Administration                                            Football                                 Volleyball
The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
The Department of Education
The Department of Social Work

Shaw University has all of the attributtes and historical value to give a college student not only a sense of belonging but strong roots to thrive and to succeed.

Below is the link for Shaw University.

Below is the link for the Shaw University Admissions.
Office of Admissions
118 E South Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 546-8275
FAX (919) 546-8271

Main Contact Numbers:
Toll-Free: 800-214-6683 | Local: 919-546-8275 | Fax: 919-546-8271

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