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The College Hour is doing something different. We are not going to put HBCU's by states, region or in alphabetical order. We are hoping that you stretch your mind and look at a lot these institutions because they all have a lot to offer. Choosing an institution is a very important decision and shouldn't be taken lightly. The majority of students and parents choose a school a lot of times because of financial reasons. Some choose because we don't want to be far from home. I hope you take this thought into consideration. Choose a school on the strength of it's ability to get you where you want to go in life. I say this because there is a prevailing thought that the ice is colder from someone else's refrigerator. This fallacy is further from the truth than people realize. Statistics show from the 2010 Department of Education that over 40 % of African Americans that received Bachelor Degrees came from HBCUs. Over 70% of African American Doctors and Dentist come from HBCU's. Over 50% of African American Engineers come from HBCUs. Now take this thought with you. HBCUs only make up only 3% of Colleges and Universities in this country. These institutions also have close ties to corporations and foundations for employment and for raising capital for their endowment and working capital. HBCUs give a sense of belonging, self pride and the thought of experimenting and failure is just a learning experience of something not to do again and try another approach to get the answer. The College Hour recognizes that HBCU's are not for everyone. If you are thinking about going to College, GO TO COLLEGE. It is one of the greatest experience that you will have in your life.

But, if you decide to go to college, go to a HBCU!!!!!

Texas College


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Texas College

Texas College was founded in 1894 by a group of African American Ministers from the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church, in Tyler, Texas. Texas College recieved it's charter from the state of Texas in 1894. The school began with one Teacher and six students in a four room wooden frame building. In 1909, the school changed it's name to Phillips College after the bishop in the Colored Methodist Epsicopal Church. The name was changed back in 1912. In 1924, the school was accredited as a two year institution. In 1932, the school was recognized as a four year institution. Texas College has been apart of the United Negro College Fund since it's inception in 1944. In 1951, Texas College graduated a young lady by the name of Mildred Jefferson. She became the first African American Female to graduate from Harvard's Medical School. The school is still growing and has an outstanding Arts and Sciences cirriculums. Texas College is accredited by the Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Academia:                                                                                                              Athletics
Division of Education                                                                        Men's Sports                    Women's Sports
Division of Business and Social Sciences                                             Basketball                         Basketball
Division of General Studies and Humanities                                      Football                            Softball
Division of Natural and Computational Sciences                                Soccer                               Soccer
                                                                                                         Track and Field                Track and Field


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Texas College Home Page

Texas College
2404 Grand Avenue
Tyler, Texas 75702

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