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The College Hour is doing something different. We are not going to put HBCU's by states, region or in alphabetical order. We are hoping that you stretch your mind and look at a lot these institutions because they all have a lot to offer. Choosing an institution is a very important decision and shouldn't be taken lightly. The majority of students and parents choose a school a lot of times because of financial reasons. Some choose because we don't want to be far from home. I hope you take this thought into consideration. Choose a school on the strength of it's ability to get you where you want to go in life. I say this because there is a prevailing thought that the ice is colder from someone else's refrigerator. This fallacy is further from the truth than people realize. Statistics show from the 2010 Department of Education that over 40 % of African Americans that received Bachelor Degrees came from HBCUs. Over 70% of African American Doctors and Dentist come from HBCU's. Over 50% of African American Engineers come from HBCUs. Now take this thought with you. HBCUs only make up only 3% of Colleges and Universities in this country. These institutions also have close ties to corporations and foundations for employment and for raising capital for their endowment and working capital. HBCUs give a sense of belonging, self pride and the thought of experimenting and failure is just a learning experience of something not to do again and try another approach to get the answer. The College Hour recognizes that HBCU's are not for everyone. If you are thinking about going to College, GO TO COLLEGE. It is one of the greatest experience that you will have in your life.

But, if you decide to go to college, go to a HBCU!!!!!


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Tuskegee University

Tuskegee University has very humble beginning. It is starts in a one room shanty with 30 students next to the Butler Chapel AME Zion church in Tuskegee, Alabama. The first teacher and principal is the renown Booker T. Washington, who is also a graduate of a HBCU, Hampton Institute know today as Hampton University. Before Booker T. Washington arrives in Alabama the ground work is being laid by two black men are to believed are the founders of Tuskegee University. Without these two men there wouldn't be an institution in Tuskegee, Alabama. Lewis Adams is a respected Black Business man in Macon County. He's respected by Blacks and Whites. W. F. Foster wants to be re-elected as state representative. He knows he needs the black vote to win. W. F. Foster approaches Lewis Adams to ask for the black vote and Col. Foster asked him what did he want in return for this favor. Mr. Adams unselfishly asked for a black educational institution for his people. W. F. Foster wins the election. Foster and another state senator Arthur L. Brooks, co-author of the Alabama State Bill 165 for the establishment of a Negro Normal School in Tuskogee. This legislation appropriated 2000 dollars a year for salaries for teachers. This bill was passed July 4, 1881.
Lewis Adams, George W. Campbell and MB Swanson are the Board of Commissioners. George W. Campbell is the other piece of this puzzle as he gets word to his nephew at Hampton Institute. That they are looking for a teacher to educate African Americans in Tuskegee, Alabama. Booker T. Washington is selected to go. He is only 25 at this time. July 4, 1881 is the founding date of Tuskegee University. Booker T. Washington is the first Teacher and Principal of the Negro Normal School for the Colored. Tuskegee University starts in a one room shanty that is on loan from the Butler Chapel AME Zion church with 30 students. In 1882, Mr. Washington saves enough money to purchase a 100 acre abandon plantation. This is the nucleus of the campus today. Booker T. Washington uses a work-study program and uses the students to build the campuses first buildings. During Mr. Washington tenure, he made sure that the school received enough funding from outside sources that it became independent of the State of Alabama and became a private institution in 1892 but retained it's state land grant college status. During Mr. Washington' tenure he took a one room shanty of 30 students to 1500 students, 22 buildings, 2300 acres, 40 majors, 200 or more faculty, and over 2 million dollars in their endowment. He made an unknown place into the place to be. He took what he learned from Hampton Institute and incorporated his own ideas and made Tuskegee self sufficient. He made sure that his faculty was all black. That was a requirement to "develop Black leaders to maximum extent". Mr Washington died on November 14,1915.
The second President Robert T. Moton was just as impressive bringing the only VA hospital to be staffed by Black Professionals in 1923. Moton was instrumental in that decision donating the land for the VA hospital. Knowing that there would be many Black soldiers that were going to need medical attention after the first world war. He was president from 1915 to 1935. The third president of Tuskegee, Dr. Frederick D. Paterson, we just as impressive as the other two presidents. Dr. Paterson brought the Tuskegee Air Training Program to Tuskegee. Known as the Tuskegee Airmen. Dr. Paterson also brought and over saw the School of Veterinary Medicine into existence. This school has produce almost 75 percent of African American Veterinarians in the US. Tuskegee is the only HBCU that has a Veterinarian school. Dr. Paterson is also the founder of the United Negro College Fund. This organization has raised over a Billion dollars and still help fund students today. Dr. Paterson was the president until 1953. Tuskegee Normal and Institute changed is name to Tuskegee University in 1985.

This institution is rich in history, education, a since in belonging, and fulfillment. They have a notable alumni list that is comparable to any institution. This one room shanty with 30 students is now over 3000 students over 5000 acres, has over 70 buildings and 107 million in Endowment. Not bad from three black men that were former slaves, Lewis Adams, George W. Campbell and Booker T. Washington.

Now lets take a look at this University:

Colleges and Schools: Athletics      
Andrew F. Brimmer Men Sports Women Sports
College Of Business and Information Sciences Baseball Softball
College of Arts and Sciences Basketball Basketball
College of Engineering Cross Country Cross Country
College of Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and Allied Heath Tennis Tennis
Robert R. Taylor  Track and Field Track and Field
School of Architecture and Construction Science Football Volleyball
College of Agriculture, Envirnoment and Nutrition Sciences    
School of Education    

Below is the link for Tuskegee University:
Tuskegee University

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Tuskegee University Address:
Tuskegee University
1200 W.Montomery Rd.
Tuskegee Institute, AL 36088

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